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Classic Menus

Pizzas and Italian

From margueritas to spicy americanos. Thin and stuffed crust, there is nothing that can't go on a pizza,

Pizza Takeaways


All the classic dishes including the nations favourite, chicken tikka massala. Spicy and aromatic.

Indian Takeaways

Chinese and Asian

From traditional chow mein and chop suey to Japanese noodles and Vietnamese dishes.

Chinese Takeaways

Middle Eastern/Mediterranean

Kebabs, roast lamb, salads; Spanish, Greek and Lebanese food from all around the mediterranean.


From gourmet burgers to the humble cheeseburger. Traditional american fast food.


Vegetarian dishes are available from most takeaways now. They are often marked on the menus with a small green 'v'.

Many Other Menus

We locate the most popular takeaway restaurants that do home delivery. We offer a huge range of different restaurants.

Food Hygiene

Food Hygiene ratings. 520,000+ listed premises throughout the UK.

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You can write reviews and comments about the food and the service that you receive.

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